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passionate about what we do!

What we started by doing alone, discovering SPECIAL PLACES where only Stand Up Paddle practice can take us, turned into the FIRST SUP SUP  resident in Praia do Creiro (Portinho da Arrábida). We made way for the sea in 2016 and continued unconditionally IN LOVE with what we do.

We are very focused on providing INTENSE EXPERIENCES, sharing knowledge and offering a good atmosphere, without ever neglecting safety.  

We are the ONLY SUP SCHOOL CERTIFIED by the Portuguese Surfing Federation in Arrábida.
We are registered with Turismo de Portugal as a Maritime Tourist Entertainment Company and
recognized as Nature Tourism.

We are duly licensed by the ICNF (Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests) to operate within the Marine Protected Area of the Arrábida Natural Park, Parque Marinho Prof. Luiz Saldanha.
Arrábida Stand Up Paddle offers SUP Classes and Tours (individual or in groups) and Boat Experiences. We also carry out tailor-made events, such as Birthday Parties, Bachelor Parties and Corporate Events, among other moments that we are available to help make real.

All coaches are certified by IPDJ (Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth) and FPS (Portuguese Surfing Federation)

Âncora Sustentabilidade

"We are from the Sea and Nature" and we see the impacts of human action on a daily basis. We are far from perfect, but we have a commitment to Nature that we seek to fulfill in all our activities. Not only do we not leave rubbish on the beach, but on all our walks we pick up the rubbish that we find in the sea. We seek to learn more about the options we take at Arrábida Stand Up Paddle and make choices with less environmental impact whenever possible.

And as sustainability is not just about the Environment, we value inclusion, we were part of the pioneering Adapted Surf action in Portugal and we are prepared to teach SUP to those with special conditions.

Âncora Equipa

Dedication. Experience. Skills.




Co-founder Arrábida Stand Up Paddle


- Grade 1 surf coach

- Specialization training in Stand Up Paddle by ASSUP

- Grade 1 swimming coach from 2007 to date

-  Fitness instructor specializing in water activities since 2007

- Lifeguard for 7 years on the beaches of Caparica

- Local Boss Card (Boat)

- Tourism training by the employment center 2015



Long Distance Trekking Practitioner



Co-founder of Arrábida Stand Up Paddle 

- Grade 1 surf coach

- Specialization training in Stand Up Paddle by ASSUP

- Lifeguard swimmer in Caparica from 1999 to 2008

- Local Boss Card (Boat)

- Adapted surf monitor since 2011


Federated tennis player from 5 to 15 years old

Athlete federated football 11 from 15 to 18 years old

Longboard federated athlete from 25 to 35

Extensive experience in surfing, 24 years.

Independent MTB traveler (backpack on back, without support)


Futsal Practitioner (Regular)

Swimming Practitioner (Regular)

Trail running practitioner (Regular)



Grade 1 Surf Coach since 2004 by FP Surf until today

- Grade 1 Swimming Coach since 2004 by FP Natação until today

- Specialization training in Stand Up Paddle by ASSUP

- Lifeguard for 10 years on the beaches of Costa da Caparica.

- Extensive experience in surfing, 28 years.

- Collaboration in Arrábida Stand Up Paddle since 2016

- Extensive experience in teaching swimming, especially with children.




Futsal Practitioner (Regular)

Longboarder sk8 (Regular)



Federated athlete at Amora football club 11 years old

- SFUAP 89/2000 swimmer

- Professional training of recovery massage technician

- Graduated in osteopathy from ITS and Universidade Lusíada

- Training of SUP instructors (ASUPP) Stand Up Paddle Association of Portugal

- Osteopath since 2008

- Adapted surf monitor since 2011

- Lifeguard in Caparica from 2002 to 2005

- Attends a degree in physiotherapy at the ESS of the IPS (setúbal)

- Charter of Patrão de Costa (boat)

- Collaboration in Arrábida Stand Up Paddle since 2016.


Several years of experience at sea through spearfishing, surfing, recreational boating and sport fishing.


Sport fishing practitioner (Regular)

Swimming Practitioner (Regular)



Bachelor's Degree in Sport Sciences (sports training branch)

- Graduate coaching and leadership

- Postgraduate sports nutrition

- SUP instructor training (ASUPP) Stand Up Paddle Association of Portugal

- Fitness instructor since 2008

- Personal trainer since 2010

- Tumbling competition athlete (trampolines) for 10 years

- Professional training of recovery massage technicians

- Local Boss Card (Boat)


Collaboration at Arrábida Stand Up Paddle since 2016.


Long-distance Trekking practitioner.

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