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What a privilege to be here!


The Arrábida Natural Park is considered a protected area and one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal. It is an unmissable place of incomparable and unique beauty. It is located by the sea between Setúbal and the fishing village of Sesimbra.

Considered an "international scientific relic", for its rich vegetation that gives unique features to the landscape, bathed by the turquoise blue of the sea, in its most varied shades and the white sand beaches.

We want to keep this beauty and heritage of Portugal intact and there are areas that are only accessible with certified teams.
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The Tróia peninsula has one of the most extensive beaches in Portugal (about 18 km). The sea invites to many activities and dives. It's guaranteed fun, with the family, alone or with a group of friends.

Here, where the  sea meets the Sado river, in the Sado Estuary Reserve, it is frequent to see Sado dolphins. A unique and striking vision. 

On the island of Tróia, it is a small paradise in the middle of the clear and transparent waters of this peninsula.


Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo is located in the fishing village of Sesimbra. 

It is a wild beach, with extensive white sand and turquoise blue sea, difficult to access by land, which makes it the pearl of this place. You can reach this marvel by boat and enjoy a unique, practically isolated paradise.

Its name derives from one of the rocks in the area resembling a horse's head.

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